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  • 361-790-9108
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  • We are located at:
  • 130 Prairie Road
  • between Fulton Beach Road & Business Hwy 35 in Fulton, TX

Driving Directions

  • From Austin:
    Approximate driving time = 3.5 hours. Scenic Route: Take U.S. Hwy 183 south to Goliad.  Just outside Goliad, take a left on State Hwy 239 to Tivoli. Turn right in Tivoli onto State Hwy 35. Head South to Rockport-Fulton.

  • From Houston:
    Approximate driving time = 3 hours + take U.S. Hwy 59 South to Victoria. Take U.S. Hwy 77 out of Victoria headed to Corpus Christi. Approximately 20 miles South of Victoria on Hwy 77, you will exit State Hwy 239, turn left to Tivoli, At the intersection of Hwy 239 and State Hwy 35 take a right and head for Rockport-Fulton.

  • From San Antonio:
    Approximate driving time= 2.5 - 3 hours. Scenic Route: Take Interstate Hwy 37 South to U.S. Hwy 181 South to Floresville. Continue heading south to Kenedy. Take a left in Kenedy at Intersection of Hwy 181 and State Hwy 72 and follow signs to State Hwy 239 to Goliad. When Hwy 239 dead-ends into U.S. Hwy 59, you will turn left and go into the small town of Goliad. At the intersection of U.S. Hwy 183 and U.S Hwy 59 turn right onto Hwy 183 and head out of Goliad. Just outside of Goliad, turn left on State Hwy 239 and head to Tivoli. Turn right in Tivoli on State Hwy 35 and head to Rockport.

  • From Ft. Worth - Dallas - Waco:
    Guest from the north take IH35 south to Waco. Take State Hwy 77S from Waco to Victoria. Continue around Victoria on Hwy 77S. Headed towards Corpus Christi.  Approximately 30 miles south of Victoria you will exit onto State Hwy 239 headed to Tivoli. At the intersection of Hwy 239 and State Hwy 35 in Tivoli, turn right onto Hwy 35S and head for Rockport-Fulton.
    This route is 1½ hours less than going through Austin and San Antonio.